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If you are a professional in the culinary field we invite you to book and use our Culinary Academy.  It is located in a unique Transylvanian property in the village of Crit, 10 km away from the Viscri Unesco World Heritage site.  We invite you to explore this extraordinary place – savor it’s natural products – and create your own event together with your students.

We are also glad to create seminars or private meetings of your choice around different seasons of the year or specialized subjects.

You can, of course, join any of our already created events; be our guest and even have the opportunity to experience the seasonal produce from our garden and from the region.

The Transylvanian region we are located in is called Tarnava Mare, and it is rich in natural produce: a large variety of organically grown vegetables; an extensive selection of meats; varied dairy products, specialty herbal and blossom honeys and good wine are all available.

There are extensive forests where foraging can be enjoyed and you can collect wild herbs, forest berries and nuts, an assorted selection of wild edible plants and vegetables as well as forest floor mushrooms and even truffles during the winter months.  Transylvania is a great place for natural produce because it is an area of predominately volcanic soil – it will pretty much grow whatever you want it to grow.  There are still bear and wolves in the area – our advice: Do not forage without a guide. The whole region is extensively protected in EU law.

Wild cherries, blackberries, raspberries, rhubarb and other orchard fruits are available in different seasons of the year.

October is the time when we make our table wine from the vine in our courtyard.
Late December is the time when the pigs are slaughtered and then prepared for eating in many traditional ways, to be enjoyed through Christmas, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day. Many smoked and marinated cold meat cuts together with sausages and a variety of traditional meat dishes can be enjoyed and you will additionally have the possibility of experiencing cooking together with local villagers.

If you have particular requests or simply want to find out more about all of the above please send us an e mail and we will be glad to give you more information.

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