Go back in time and experience an authentic transylvanian lifestyle

Renovated and repaired with care, love and attention to the little details and supervised with a keen architect’s practice and skill and a graphic artist’s trained eye for composition and taste our mansarded property keeps the soul and the details of a bygone era alive and topical. Original features of the architecture and interiors recall the life of the Saxon community that lived in this village for 900 years.
Totally integrated into the picturesque surrounding environment the property was until fairly recently, the house of a bee keeper, a descendent of Hellwig family who lived on the property for generations, and it still bears silent witness to the occupation of its previous owners.


Our apartments and rooms gather together authentic details: antique furniture, very old traditional tools and decorative objects that can could be proudly displayed in a museum – all of which give you the essence of the traditions, heritage and culture of the area. The service amenities are all newly and discretely modernized to blend in perfectly.

All of our apartment rooms are spacious, light, airy and comfortable rooms with queen size double beds and en-suite bathrooms. Most of our rooms can easily accommodate at least one extra bed and in some cases even two.

The original patrician two floored house is made up of a large family suite with en-suite bathroom, a separate living room and a single en suite bedroom, the whole can easily accommodate a group or a family (3-5 people), having its own entrance.

On the first floor, again with its own separate entrance hallway and stairway, there is a second apartment group formed of two double bedded en-suite adjoining bedrooms that can accommodate 4-6 people.

In the adjacent, newly converted old building there are three additional separate bedrooms all with en-suite bathrooms – two on the first floor and one other larger suite on the ground floor that can take an extra bed and which has its own wood burning stove. Each floor has its own separate entrance.


The old main barn and workshops have been reworked and transformed into a new open-plan area that skillfully blends the old and the new. Massive old oak-timbers from a two hundred year old barn have been rebuilt into a new structure – based on the remains and site of the original building – all under a newly built and traditionally tiled roof.

This large vaulted space includes and houses the Culinary Academy, the massive kitchen, training and preparation area which includes a dining space and is a total of more than 120 square meters overall.


The loggia, a separate open-space  that can accommodate up to a dozen people socializing at a very large oak round table with splendid views across the property and beyond.

Altogether this building creates the Convivium space where our  guests can cook, eat, study and be with each other – some in small intimate groups and others in larger groupings – everyone enjoying all the comforts and pleasures of a large country home.


Almost intact from the times that has been originally built, more than one hundred years ago, the Transylvanian Saxon summer kitchen, large and spacious, incorporate a cooking space, that has a contained cooking area where you can  experience and experiment with traditional country style cooking methods, as well as using it as a communal space to drink and relax in.

The old bread stove, one of the biggest of his type in the village, is still used for the making of traditional Transylvanian bread.


The extensive, large, irregularly stone paved, and abundantly flowered internal courtyard area has a traditional water well and, as it’s eastern boundary has an old trailing double vine which still bears enough grapes to produce our own wine. In this courtyard area there are additionally three separate outdoor garden lounge areas to relax in and enjoy.


The terraced vegetable and herb gardens are the place where we grow and cultivate the vegetables, herbs and soft fruits that we use in our kitchens that you will be working with and also eating. Beyond the northern pergola wall there are the beginnings of the newly planted orchard of fruit trees and further larger areas ready to grow more vegetables and fresh produce.

Here too we have provided secluded restful areas of tranquility for you to enjoy and savour that look out across the village into the sweeping hilly woodlands and the tranquil Transylvanian countryside.


A separate space, on the upper floor of the kitchen is designated for  entertainment and lounge, including  a computer with printing facility, workspace and free Wi-Fi internet connection. A selection of indoor games, a library of books and magazines, Smart TV and a music station are the facilities that make this area agreeable and useful in the same time.