Convivium Transylvania: A place to enjoy being together and to create convivial times.

Convivium – the main roman meal intended to be enjoyed together with friends, in Latin – a place to live with.
We haven’t found a single, more apt, appropriate and better word that encapsulates everything that we offer for you: to taste; to experience; to enjoy; to assimilate; to become part of; to take away with you; to leave you with.
Close to the Unesco World Heritage site Viscri, in the Saxon village Crit, (German: Deutsch-Kreuz), our newly renovated and comfortable old Saxon property originally built and owned by the Hellwig family and dating from the 18 century, offers the opportunity to visit the historical heritage of Transylvania and  to discover  the traditional and natural food of the region).

Time to discover more

Transylvania – Distant ? Remote ?

Not really. Located in the very heartlands of middle Europe. It is home to multiple myths, mysteries, romance and wilderness. Folklore, tradition, surprises, beauty, incredible natural sites, It seems as if we all know Transylvania and yet when we actually get there it is more incredibly rich in surprises and delights.

UNESCO World Heritage Site

What is a UNESCO World Heritage site? There are many astonishing and wonderful places in the World that UNESCO designates as World Heritage Sites. These are sites and whole geographical areas that have been declared that because they are of cultural importance and a living heritage for human beings. The area of fortified churches in Transylvania is a designated world heritage site: there are some 60 plus fortified churches in rural Transylvania.

There are whole geographical areas of outstanding natural beauty in Transylvania that fall under the heading ‘heritage site’ Most of the fortified churches were built hundreds of years ago to protect the villagers and their livestock from marauding invaders. They served their purpose well. In our immediate area there are six that are well known and which are, either fully, or partially restored and they provide a unique insight into how an agricultural life and village life was established and sustained.

Sachsen/Saxon Heritage

As the Amish are to Pennsylvania so, to a degree, were the Saxons to Transylvania. From the Middle Ages through to the latter half of the 20th Century the Saxons lived and prospered in this multi-cultural society. Until the last years of the 20th century the villages in the area were built and rebuilt, they were maintained and they thrived.  You will discover a rich agricultural and societal heritage here – a peaceful, nurturing and nourishing way of living that the rest of modernized Europe has all but discarded.

Grasslands  and woodlands

There are thousands of hectares of protected grasslands and woodlands in the area of Crit, Viscri and Mesendorf, free of poisonous pesticides and mechanised ,globalised, intensive farming – where sheep, goats and cattle roam. Ancient woodlands alive with brown bear and wolves. A natural environment free of the pressures of urban living – a place to breathe freely. There are an abundance of hiking, riding and biking trails for you to explore and discover.

The Transylvania Culinary Academy is a non formal establishment dedicated to:
  • Making available the knowledge and understanding of the European culinary tradition
  • Promoting and preserving the food heritage of Europe
  • Providing solutions for adapting natural, traditional cooking to today’s living standards.
  • Witnessing traditional food processes and culinary culture
  • Promoting and supporting local food production.